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XNA game where you try to smash a 3D spinning barrel using the correct coloured buttons on the XBOX controller


TönnenKlapps (the final title) was a project made for Indie9000 (a Danish indie gamedevelopment competition held in Aalborg).
The theme for the competition was Fastelavn, and we made a virtual tøndeslagning (barrelbeating - a tradition not entirely unlike beating a Piñata).

The game is played using XBox controllers. Participants try and beat the colored staves in a barrel at the correct moment, sort of a Guitar Hero version of Tøndeslagning.

The game was created by modelling a single staff for a barrel in a 3D drawing program. Then rotating it through 36 different positions.


When the game is played, the barrelstaves are given random colors (blue, green, red and yellow).

They are then drawn from back to front in their corresponding positions with a their hue.

The staves are then drawn in a new position with their old color, so it looks like the barrel is rotating.




The game allows players to add more controllers in the lobby, automatically detecting new controllers and assigning player numbers.

If you use our source code for something, please send us a copy – it would be fun to see where it goes :).


Kind regards – Jesper, Lars, Mathias and Jakob

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